Over the past few years, my life has intersected with the special needs community in unexpected ways.  I'll be the first to admit that the special needs community was simply not on my radar until a few years ago.  But in early 2017,  I spent 3 months volunteering with an Adults with Disabilities Program, and every day was such a joy.  After that, I spent some time with family that also needed some extra care and attention.  My eyes were opened to the beauty and the challenges, the joy and the fears.  I know that sometimes there are long nights, tears, and questions. But I've also seen how smiles, giggles, and a sweet hug can make so many troubles disappear.  Watching these special ones and their families was humbling and moving.  If you're one of these precious families that has someone with special needs, please know that my heart is for you, and you are not forgotten. If you'd like some photography done, let's talk!  Doing photography for families with children who have disabilities is a sort of ministry for me, a way to serve people around me.  Your family is beautiful and precious, and you deserve to document every season of life with great photography.

One hour sessions for a nuclear family shot within an hour of Sterling, VA are $25 with a complimentary online gallery.  Use the gallery to download your photos at no charge, or order prints and products at cost!