Hello! I'm so glad you made it to my website! 
To sum me up, I'm a sweatshirt-wearing, travel loving, Mac using golf enthusiast, who stands at a whopping 4-foot-10-inches. I'm a twin, daughter of professional athlete, and proud owner of my very own Bob Ross Painting Kit. (That one time I used it was really fun.)
My favorite things are great conversations with loved ones, a good story, laughing, and seeing the goodness of God in the world around me.

If you'd like to know more about how I came to be a family photographer, click through the story below! But this is all rather one-sided, and I'd like to get to know YOU! Click on the contact button to get in touch and we can get to know each other better! 

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once up a time, i was a

 and it was amazing! 
I got to meet new people all the time, visit beautiful places, practice my craft, and experience the happiest day of so many lives.  I had the freedom of choosing when to work, but I was also a girl who loved the structure of showing up to a job every day, and who couldn't seem to get away from golf and a "regular" job.
(....golf? That's random...)

wedding photographer

my photography journey



So I pursued golf and it's awesome! But I was still missing that creative outlet that I'd had for so long.  I'd look out the windows at work when the setting sun lit up the trees and made the whole course glow.  And I'd think about how it was the perfect light for a photoshoot and about what I could be creating with a camera.  So what could I do? How could I keep my feet in both worlds and not be completely overwhelmed with the demands of a full time job and weddings? 


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my photography journey

...but I decided to step away from weddings.  But saying no to one thing means saying YES to something else, and this YES is just as cool!  I now do families and kids, individual portraits, and couples sessions!  This allows me so much more freedom and availability to keep doing what I love! 
It's been quite a journey to get here, friends, but here I am, ready to join with you in capturing whatever stage of life you find yourself in! Let's work together!

It was tough...


my photography journey

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Photography has been such a gift to me, and it's good to remember that doing photography is good for the soul.  Sometimes I shoot things just because it makes me happy! Here are some things I photograph that inspire me!

my photography LOVES

scenic views

special needs