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If there's one concept I really love, it's family. I'm really close to mine, and I think that family is the structure to society! I love seeing families together - out at a restaurant, taking in a movie, on a neighborhood walk, telling stories and making jokes. One of the best things in life is really enjoying your family; to be truly present and strengthening bonds with your most treasured people. 
Photography should reflect that, shouldn't it? Gone are the days of boring "one, two, three: SMILE!" Although we'll have to get some of those for posterity, I think it's more important to document and preserve you - personalties, interactions, quirks. The way your son throws his head back when he laughs, or your daughter's ability to crinkle her nose when she gets shy. The playful way your husband tousles their hair, and sweet nuzzles from mom. I would love to document your family this way. Contact me for more information - I can't wait to meet your family!

Over the years, my heart has exploded for the special needs community. I spent about 3 months volunteering with an Adults with Disabilities Program, and every day was such a joy. It gave me a close look into the special community, which was humbling and moving.  If you're one of these precious families that has someone with special needs, please know that my heart is for you, and if you'd like some photography done, let's talk! Doing photography for families with children who have disabilites is sort of a personal project for me, so don't let money get in the way. Your family is beautiful and precious, and you deserve to document every season of life with great photography. One hour sessions for a nuclear special family shot within an hour of Sterling, VA are free, with a free online gallery.  Just pay for prints or products through the gallery options!  

Special families